Mystery Blogger Award

I’m highly honoured to have been nominated by Orkidedatter (Lillian) for this prestigious Mystery Blogger Award. She is amazing and warm hearted lady who writes very touching pieces. I always get overwhelmed with emotions when I read her posts. She’s very down to earth and a brilliant living example of humility and humanity. Thank you […]

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Young As

Don’t go, just stay Let’s stop time now My reflection is in your eyes I hope it’s always like the day we met Like the flames that burn without a sound I hope you kiss me as if it’s your last Under the moonlight my heart is fluttering Let’s go dance under the milky way […]

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My Ideal Morning Description

When the sun gazes its way through my eyes via the spaces between the window curtains, I know a beautiful morning has arrived. There are many new facts to learn and disclose, for every morning is brighter than ever before. The birds try to convey me a sweet message, but their melodious and prowess singing […]

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The Shattered Within

It lies beautifully upon the ceramic holder Then stands seductively upon the shelf Just like a folder, full of lies upon the counter This beautiful glass tumbler proudly stands by itself The lady outlining an hourglass  Is no different than the glass tumbler They are two halves that make a whole With her long silhouette […]

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Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Huguette for nominating me for this celebrated Versatile Blogger Award. I’m highly honoured to have been able to connect with her via this blogging medium. She is a very honest person and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is undoubtedly an inspiring woman who has survived war and emerged […]

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I’m creeping in your heart I’ll steal you and indulge into you I was born your antimony Yet a part of your existence Put away your fearful worries Enjoy the pain you’re enduring I’m engraved in your heart I’ll live forever, even when I die

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We’ve gone too far to restore the dead us So dreadful is this propane Drawing my blood like red wine Which choked you to expiry This story is a nightmare

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