Who the hell you think you are?Coming in to break my heartMake it like an operationBut I ain’t one of your patientsCould’ve atleast waitedCause I don’t play that game I can’t get you off my brainSo I’ll try sleeping off the painAnd as soon as I wake upYou’re caught up in your hazeAnd I can’t […]

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No one has the answers There is no end Not a day goes by without a fight But It’s worth it Just as it has always been I know there’s a price to pay How are we supposed to live? Don’t tell me the obvious Don’t you be a liar If I ask for answers Would […]

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You struck a match And ignited a blaze You melted my soul And controlled my gaze Your hair is redish maroon Leading the body made of wood In a glance, in a flash of lash Simply amazed was how I stood A reminiscent of my happiness Yes I may call it you But no wonder […]

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Liebster Award

I’m so honoured to have been nominated for this Liebster Award by Manoj Mehra – author of the blog ‘Believe Strong’. Manoj is an Indian introvert blogger who writes realistic poems. His articles too are highly inspiring and motivating, something that never ceases to have an impact on his readers. Thank you so much Manoj […]

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Yesterday while I was trying to convince my mind to study, I heard the landline ringing loudly for me to answer it. It was a friend of me who I suppose was panicking as I could barely understand her quivering voice. She said, “Zara isn’t home yet. It is 10 pm and she hasn’t returned […]

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Blogger Recognition Award

I’m so happy to have been nominated by Pinki Jana – author of the blog ‘Scribble and Story‘ for this Blogger Recognition Award. Pinki sketches amazing drawings that never fail to leave you dumbfound. She also writes worth reading reviews of various types of books. She is a lady full of inspiration, who speaks less […]

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