Yesterday while I was trying to convince my mind to study, I heard the landline ringing loudly for me to answer it. It was a friend of me who I suppose was panicking as I could barely understand her quivering voice. She said, “Zara isn’t home yet. It is 10 pm and she hasn’t returned home. Her mother called me asking if she was at my home cause that’s what she had left her home saying that she’s coming to my house. But the thing is, she never came. She texted me this evening, thanking me for being her friend. I think something is wrong. Can you please go to her home and check? I just left for the states today so I’m on way to the airport right now.” The phone hung up.

I was shocked and numb to death. I knew what secret Zara was hiding. I knew she felt that studies were a burden. I knew that she found it hard to keep up with the pace of teaching. But she doing something wrong with that being the reason?


I rushed to her home, probably the longest and fastest sprint of my life, a 2 kms run and I reached her colony. I saw a figure standing at the top of the terrace of her building, swaying its hands, as if seeking for mercy, begging for peace and dying for freedom from this world.

It didn’t take me a complete second to realise that it was Zara. I screamed at the top of my lungs, “NO! ZARA NO!” But my voice seemed be to left unheard in the forlorn breeze. I ran at full pace to the terrace and approached her slowly while she was standing at the edge of the counter, counting her last breaths.

I said softly, “Zara, this isn’t an alternative to your troubles. You’ve got to fight them, you’ve got to triumph them. There’s nothing you’re going to gain by running away from it. Face it. Fight it. Destroy it, but not you. Demolish its walls and build there yours, stronger and more powerful.”

She turned her head back while her body followed the same movement and said, “Oh dear! I don’t think I would’ve been able to even come this far without you. Now that I know that we’re together at this, I’m going to give it my all and emerge victorious. There’s no turning back now. Thanks love.”

She stepped down and we shared the warmest hug in the cold weather.

29 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. This was really touching and also very relatable. And the reality is school pressure has pushed many to this point if hopelessness and wanting to end it all. I’m so happy you (or the character if it’s fiction because it felt so real) made it in time 🌟

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  2. Priya this is AWESOME 🥰😍… Glad she was saved. You wrote exactly what is happening in society. Kids suicide for these silly burdens. It is becoming a burden when things are forces upon kids. Parents should be more like a friend to kids. But they are so busy with their self. Thats a good message. Keep up ✨✍️

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  3. This is quite a good one.Time people learn that there is more to life than studies and working and getting money.

    There is love from true friends and more things to spend energy on and learn to live and enjoy.That every moment is a blessing from the Almighty that we all need to cherish and enjoy.

    A dying man once said,the worst thing in life is to reach your deathbed and realise that you never actually lived.

    Miss you girl.

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  4. This topic is so raw and real. We need more people like you in this world who care. Thank you for giving me some faith in humanity. This is one of the most inspiring posts I have read in a while. Thank you for saving your friend and giving her (and us) hope. 🙏💜

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