I Want To Learn This

Ikebana (生け花, 活け花, make flowers alive) is the Japanese art of flower arrangement It is also known as Kadō (華道, “way of flowers”). The tradition dates back to the 7th century when floral offerings were made at altars. Later, they were placed in the tokonoma (alcove) of a home. Ikebana reached its first zenith in the 16th century under the influence of Buddhist tea masters and has grown […]

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From A Former Procrastinator

It’s a Sunday night, the clock ticks to 1 AM, when you work furiously to get a task done while silently cursing yourself to have the delayed the work till the 11th hour. Every delay is dangerous with its own “blessing”. Procrastination is an art of coping up with yesterday which you surely don’t want […]

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