I’m creeping in your heart

I’ll steal you and indulge into you

I was born your antimony

Yet a part of your existence

Put away your fearful worries

Enjoy the pain you’re enduring

I’m engraved in your heart

I’ll live forever, even when I die

75 thoughts on “Menace

      1. It is so not foolish, it’s way more sensible.
        Take the example of the shaheed soldiers, they live in our hearts long after they are gone, right!?
        The various verses that live today, what about that?

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      2. I love your reply πŸ˜‚
        Immortality isn’t something to dwell on. Sure, you can be written down in history, or a memorial can be done to respect an honourable sacrifice. In the end, you’re not rising up from the grave to get splattered with the glory raining down, are you?
        No one’s life is “immortal”; it was just interesting enough to foretell stories about later.

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