The Shattered Within

It lies beautifully upon the ceramic holder
Then stands seductively upon the shelf
Just like a folder, full of lies upon the counter
This beautiful glass tumbler proudly stands by itself

The lady outlining an hourglass 
Is no different than the glass tumbler
They are two halves that make a whole
With her long silhouette of a gown
Gliding intricately across the floor

See the tumbler stand clear as crystal
Bringing night vision to day
In utter display of beauty
A sip from which you would think 
All thirst would give way

The taste of hers in retrospect
Remains on the surface of my lips
The touch of her delicate fingers
Passionately lingers over my skin

A look away to attend to chores
A simple brisk movement in force
A sudden uneven sway of course
Brings the beautiful glass tumbling with force

Just like the alluring lady could not be loved
For she embodied oxidised metal
Her rustiness would cut superficially deep
Yielding surrender for life could not in creep

The floor once so clean now holds
A mess of broken pieces in shoes

She was a perfect combination of pain and sorrow
A good girl who could be bad today or tomorrow
For only she knew the balance to follow

-A collaboration with PePa.

Thank you for reading.

51 thoughts on “The Shattered Within

  1. I have been in and around the Blogosphere for about three years or so now, I have come across a good number of Blogs, countless posts, poetry and so on.. You are one of the most talented writers if not the most of whose work seem just as though as they are ‘pure Gold!’

    You are destined for greatness, keep doing you, your poetry is out of this world. – Cezane

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    1. My eyes are blessed to read this, Cezane.
      This really means a lot to me and especially coming from prowess writers like you makes it even more valuable and special. You’ve warmed my heart and I truly am grateful to you for having read my post and for giving your best remarks. Your presence is always much appreciated and I cannot seem to thank you enough for these kind and beautiful words.

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      1. I am now super duper excited about our collaboration but I am struggling with my schedule these days. Do check your email πŸ™‚

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      2. I too am very excited and really looking forward to how it will turn out!
        Its is perfectly fine, Dhanya. Do it whenever you find time. No sweat!πŸ™‚
        Sorry for the late reply, both here and on mail.


  2. I couldn’t wait to get home to read this remarks….Cezane,Mmmmh….I never trust his remarks ….I mean the guy’s heart is made of gold itself…blessed and wrapped in warmth…But he has an eye for good things also I must admit.Thanks a lot buddy for those kind remarks…Dhanya…mmmmmhhh am still stuck on coriander and you are beautiful even in your remarks,thanks a lot….Ambitious Kriti.. you sweet little girl,you championed this so say something please.

    Orkidedatter,meeting you for the first time and I am humbled by your remarks….

    Dikshaprasher….Cezane do you know how to pronounce these Eastern names?A good one she has….Thanks a lot dearie…means a lot to us.

    Am humbled beyond words and thank God he enabled us to do this…

    Zealous Priya.You are a darling.Kudos too.

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