My Ideal Morning Description

When the sun gazes its way through my eyes via the spaces between the window curtains, I know a beautiful morning has arrived. There are many new facts to learn and disclose, for every morning is brighter than ever before. The birds try to convey me a sweet message, but their melodious and prowess singing is beyond my comprehension (I wish I could understand them one day). The dreamy early breeze makes me admire everyone’s winsome smile and the amiable sky greets me with enthusiasm, acting the energy bar to start my day.

I always try to greet people with a smile because smiling is an universal welcome. It spreads positive vibes and infuses a cheerful energy. So, what’s a better way to start the day than by making someone smile!

We humans are like a windflower, sometimes we bloom while sometimes we droop. A flower needs water and nutrients to display its beauty which for us is a feed of love, care and affection. Positivity, confidence and satisfaction are important ingredients of a good day and carefree night. Just like the windflower blooms every morning, I too get better day by day.

34 thoughts on “My Ideal Morning Description

  1. I love this post Priya! For me nothing compares to receiving a smile from someone in the morning, you are completely right by saying that a smile ‘is an universal welcome’ and that the best way to start the day is by making someone smile! You are spot on! โค

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