Hi there, say hello without being extra
Let’s start, without introductions
No touching (back off)
I like it this way (balance)

It’s me, nothing different
What are they gossiping about today?
The searching light (scanner)
What’s my score today? (jealous)

“Why does she like that kind of outfit?
What’s that blank face she’s making?
Maybe it’s because of stress?
Does she look different?”

A yellow card
If you cross the boundary, its violation
Keep your manners, life is mine
So please keep the line

I don’t care what your secret is
And all of your stories
Let me politely decline (not my business)
I like it this way (talk talkless)

Still me, no need to be surprised
I’m sure you’re going to say “My gosh!”
Your eyes getting busy (checking)
Playing spot the difference (hash tagging)

“She might trip and fall
Wonder if she knows
everyone’s whispering about her
She has problems!”

A yellow card
If you cross that line, I’ll get serious
Because I don’t know
And come on I don’t owe (you anything)

Life is incomplete without haters. They can be constructive or projected, it’s upto us. But there’s always a limit to everything and violating that isn’t jolly. This is a short verse for them. True, haters gonna hate!

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