One Sided Love


In a movie made by my heart
You’re the only one who plays a role
The title of the piece is ‘One Sided Love’
And I’m the only audience troll

In The Movie:

There we were sitting
Under the scintillating starry night
I saw you brim with smile
Never second best but bright

It felt like there was no gravity
Standing there next to you
You must be from another galaxy
Way past the moon

I couldn’t hide my trembling heart
Then you softly looked at me
Even the sound of the wind
Was like a beautiful melody to me

I said, “Don’t you know
That this heart longs for you.
It has waited enough
Even the water has dried on the dew”

You said, “You’re my destiny my love!
I’ll stop the world and melt with you
But this is something I’ll say
To another woman unlike you”

I never saw this coming
Now It hurts, it kills
Imagining you with other women
Scars, so deep like the drills

I couldn’t recognise myself
Funny how reflections change
With this illusion in my head
It was time for me to walk away


Don’t know what happened next
Maybe the movie had ended
Couldn’t see the rest of it
Because my heart was already dented

28 thoughts on “One Sided Love

  1. Superb! i can feel that this post is straight from your heart and you have expressed beautifully. you have a unique style of writing poem and i love it ,Priya!

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  2. Beautiful amalgamation of emotions and expressive poetry. It is pretty raw in style which adds to the freshness. Kudos for creating something so intense yet subtle.

    Liked by 3 people

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