What Are You Grateful For?

Forever grateful
A must read.

Huguette Antoun

I’m grateful I’m alive; we bury thousands every day!

I’m grateful for my good health; it’s a huge blessing and a golden crown that only people with diseases can see.

I’m grateful all my senses are perfect; I can taste this
coffee and enjoy its smell! I can enjoy the lovely scents that mean a lot to

I’m grateful for the lovely weather today; I’m enjoying the warm sun and feeling its heat

I’m grateful I can breathe and enjoy the breeze; it’s a great sensation!

I’m grateful for the way I look; I’m not Angelina Jolie but I love the way I look 🙂

I’m grateful for my work and income; many dream of what I have!

I’m grateful my family and siblings are good; and hope
they will always be!

I’m grateful for the many friends I have; especially my
close and loyal friends, you are awesome…

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