The real name of love is definitely hatred

Agony is the parent of disappointment and despair

The shadow that has casted over my face

Was created by your light

I smile with an effort

Hiding the truth

While unveiling the lie 

This is my last confession

34 thoughts on “Last


    ♧ I AM Heterosexual; so why don’t I like Ladies; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Many Ladies ARE Sneaky, Sly, Sulking, Controlling, Clubbing, Cowardly Cunts…now, is That UnFair; maybe 🤔 ? No Ludicrous Lady should Ever Bear Our Children; nor should any Mad Man Seed a Sane SHE (Smart Healthy Eternal)


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  2. Oh come on my young friend. You can’t be talking of hate on your sixteenth birthday.
    … cold is nothing but absence of heat ; Hate is nothing but absence of Love and Indifference, any day, is worse than hate.

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  3. “This is my last confession.”
    And, hereafter, I’m going to die
    I’m not immortal, dateless
    I surrender for time; I’m helpless
    But I’m also not human.
    We’re different, you and I.
    Perhaps it’s for the best; no more tears to cry.
    I’ sorry I couldn’t XD. I loved this one!

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    1. Woah Nour! Simply wow!
      That’s so amazing! I could totally feel your pensive voice, very well! I mean I could just go on and on by praising you, but my vocabulary won’t be able to give your writings justice. 🙂


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