16 Years – 16 Lessons

Hello readers! I have turned 16 today. Yes, it’s my birthday today. I’ve lived 16 years of my life and I can’t wait to see what this long life has awaiting for me. First of all, I want to thank the all mighty for showering his blessings on me and giving me such a loving family and die for friends. Couldn’t do without appreciating my readers who display epitome of patience, acknowledge my content and encourage me to keep writing. You guys are the best!

As I had said in one of my earlier posts that though I’ve just started living my life, I’ve tried to adapt, inculcate and implement some morals in my life that have boosted up my confidence and endeavored me to push past my limits. Getting out of my comfort zone has enabled me to appreciate and view the world in a way I never imagined I would be able to. During these 16 years, I’ve learned a few lessons (which I’ll consider for life) which go as follows. 

1. Walk your own path

People love judging you. This peer pressure can make you stray from the path you started to carve for your future. Don’t mind other people’s aspirations, don’t ever let someone else’s goals and dreams influence your vision of life. It’s your path and you decide where it takes you and how long it takes you to see it through.

2. Good things don’t come easy

You too know that someone else is not going to fight your battles with the same passion, effort and devotion as you would. If you want to have a good life with a successful career, emotional satisfaction and trustworthy friends, you have to work hard. Road travelled in the shoes of luck tear off very soon. Diligence is the mother of fortune and thus there is no shortcut to success than walking the path of struggle and hard work. Today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain.

3. Define what’s important to you

Most of us lack is a value system. Crystallize your values, prioritise your goals and ignore the rest.

4. Be flexible with your goals

Sometimes you feel it’s the right time to take action and put our plans in motion only to realize that you were wrong. It’s important to analyze your current position and how our activities could influence your future. Sometimes it’s better to postpone a certain goal or even change it for the time being. 

5. Stay strong

It’s interesting how you often can’t see the ways in which you are being strong – like, you can’t be aware of what you’re doing that’s tough and brave at the time that you’re doing it because if you knew that it was brave, then you’d be scared. Time spent on self reflection is never wasted. You need to carve out time for yourself and kindle your own fire.

6. “Someday my ship will come in” is an excuse. Be practical and realistic.

People seem to have a strange concept of how luck works and how the universe/some deity/karma/their lucky shoe or how “they deserve it” will mean that things will eventually fall into place for them. But it is far from reality and practicality. Stop blaming others for your own fault. It may get you through sometimes but it won’t work wonders for you in the long run.

7. Feeling lost – Get a solution.

If you find yourself in the middle of the ocean with endless choices, don’t overthink. Choose a direction and keep moving forward. Action leads to clarity and clarity feeds motivation.

8. Listen to what’s not being said.

People will feed your ears with the sweet words lingering in their minds. To get you to sail in the same ship as theirs, they will never show you the dark and vulnerable sides. Only if you are smart enough, will you not let your over confidence and greed overpower the voice of humanity and leave you open for others exploitation.

9. 10-10-10. 

What are the consequences of my decision in 10 minutes? In 10 months? And in 10 years?

10. You know what you don’t know.

 Acknowledge that you are blind and there is so much more to learn. Allow yourself to be a no one and observe, listen, you might open up your eyes finally and see what you don’t know.

11. Nothing is permanent. 

The only constant is change. Move fast, take as much as you can and don’t get angry when things change. Your job is to adapt and respond in a way that doesn’t alienate your core value and philosophy in life.

12. You’ll inevitably make mistakes. 

Again and again, in one way or the other. No one is oerfevt and everyone has rhei flaws. It is not a mistake to make a mistake but it is a mistake to repeat a mistake. There is always a scope of learning which will make you a better person when you learn lessons from your erred action.

13. The world is an amazing and horrible place. 

It depends on how you look at it.

14. If you don’t challenge yourself, you’re dead already.

 Death is coming for you, sooner or later. Don’t die before you’re dead. It’s stupid to be cowardly. Take chances, challenge yourself and take calculated risks.

15. Every day you get to start over. 

Paulo Coelho once said, “One day or day one. You decide.” It is never too late.

16. Be Yourself.

I dont think I can say anything on this. Everyone has a different perception on what makes them feel ‘them’. 

All I mean to say is that just be true to yourself =)

Thank you for reading! 

140 thoughts on “16 Years – 16 Lessons

  1. Happy Priya ‘s day ❤ It so unbelievable that you re only 16, there is so much wisdom in how you look at things and life. growing up is an amazing adventure . may God keep you loved ,favored and blessed 🙂 love from Madagascar

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  2. A very happy birthday dear priya….can’t believe that you are only 16!!!! sweet sixteen….coz u write so well…keep up the good work and may you spread happiness, love and wisdom wherever you may go… lots of love vanessa

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Wow sweet 16! Thats great!
    Many happy returns of the day! May you live a long, successful and a value based life.
    A tight hug and love to you,Priya!

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  4. Wow — Sweet Sixteen 😍 All my love and blessings and hugs.
    You have already learned so much.
    But do you know what is the most important thing (other than the almighty you mentioned) – being Happy and Joyous and spreading that Joy in all lives you touch.
    Love you my youngest friend 🌹🌹💃🏻💃🏻
    Have a good one.

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    1. Thank you so much sir for your beautiful wishes. I really appreciate your positive and genuine soul.
      I am not quite sure if I am actually able to spread happiness and joy as you mentioned, but yes, I try to make sure that I don’t become the reason behind someone’s sorrow and tears atleast.
      I’m very happy to know that I’m your youngest friend. What an honour, thank you sir!😊

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      1. That is so sweet Priya : not to become the reason for someone’s tears and sorrows. And if they are crying you can always give them your shoulder to cry on.
        It is my pleasure to have your friendship 😊🤗

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      1. Oh that’s interesting, I started on April 8… the day I turned 18. I just woke up in the morning and I was like “f*ck it I’m finna do a blog” 🤷‍♀️


  5. Happy b-day dear Priya, those are great lessons thank for sharing it with us, i wish for you the best b-you ever had, i wish you happiness and a lot of good memories, hugs and kiss❤️

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    1. Thank you so much dear Ilona!
      I’m so happy to see you here wishing me the happiest birthday and spreading happiness and joy even when you are sad and dealing with personal problems. I really appreciate it.
      Hugs and kisses! 🤗❤

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  6. Happy birthday dear🎂
    And great lessons you have shared. Many more such lessons yet to come.. All the best for your future. I didn’t knew you are just 15, now 16😁

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  7. This is amazing Priya! You sure sound much more mature than 16. I thought you were in your twenties tbh. Happy birthday gurl! I’m only assuming you’ll be dancing tonight as if you’ll never have the chance to do so again! Hope people gave you good presents today. What’s your idea present, anyways?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, thanks Nour!
      But the truth is that I’m 16.😂
      Oh yes you’ve guessed it absolutely right! Actually that is what I had planned to do, but then my cousins had a newborn, so I had to spend the whole day and night at their house. And you know what’s funny? Nobody in my cousin’s house knew that it was my birthday! Hell yeah, that’s how I spent yesterday. 😂
      As for the presents, in my family, we don’t give it. We rather give bouquets and yes that’s what I received thr previous morning.
      My ideal bday gift would be spending quality time with me.😊

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  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Priya! May you have a wonderful and special day, and may you be spoiled and feel loved!
    Love this post! From someone that had a 16 birthday some years ago, let’s be vague, your 16 lessons seem to me very sensible and wise;😉🤫❤️

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  9. Amazing post. I totally agree to all the points you mentioned. It’s 16 steps to success. Truly amazing. You summed up very well, great job! Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday again. 😊💯👏🎂💐

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  10. Happy bday….. And really I luved your 16 lessons of life. They are something even I believe in and really connect myself with … Wonderful lessons I hope they bring thriving endeavours for you… All the best

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  11. Best wishes as your life travels towards adulthood, but enjoy the youthful ride a bit longer.

    Your thinking and writing shows your maturity, and it is amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

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