You Lied

Intro: Don’t you look into my eyes and lie again

Your trembling expression and words
Strange incidences
Your body is covered in an unfamiliar scent
Smells bewitchedness

You are inconsistent here and there
Queerest distrait
Look at you, afraid suddenly
Deceived heartless

The tyrannous jams of your voice
Till 25 o’clock
The authentic and pure you
Lost & submerged

Outro: Free me from this lie so that I can smile again

24 thoughts on “You Lied

  1. Very deep and straightforward 👍
    I agree with you, except a person gets to look into my eyes and lie only once…  « again » is not applicable 🙂
    Great read as usually ❤️

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      1. It’s a wise saying! There are some similar sayings about trust and how things never be the same again…it’s really bad what people loose when they decide to be unfaithful and dishonest!
        My pleasure always ❤️

        Liked by 2 people

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