Even in this moment
When we are holding hands
There’s no feeling of assurance
To warmly wrap around us

You are leaving
And I can’t do anything
Love is leaving
Like a fool I’m blankly standing here

I’m looking at you, getting farther away
You become a small dot and then disappears
I remember the old times
I remember you

I won’t ask you to stay
Because this is how things were meant to be
You’re struggling like I am
Can’t we make things a little easier?

On days where thin rain falls like today
I remember your shadow
Our memories that I secretly put in my drawer

I take them out, reminisce again by myself
Why didn’t I know
About the weight of sadness that comes with parting ways?

I already knew
That this ending was inevitable
Still I comforted myself
For something better

My vision blurs
As tears fill up my eyes
Everything is covered with black smoke
And it decelerates my only hope

(I am now in Noir)

50 thoughts on “Noir

  1. One of the worst feelings, beautifully and very well described! « Noir » c’est le seul couleur qu’on peut voir au milieu de ça! Tout est Noir!
    Thank you for sharing 😊♥️

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    1. Thank you so much! Because I can’t speak French, I just Google translated what you said in French and the translation is this
      “it is the only color that can be seen in the middle of it! Everything is black! ” Since to me Google translations aren’t 100% reliable, let me know if this is what it means in English. Thank you for best remarks! I’m contended knowing that my writing is worth your appreciation!💕

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      1. My pleasure 😇 and sorry I thought you know French 🙂 yes exactly this translation, Google is accurate if the sentences are short I guess otherwise it’s a mess 😂
        It was a very nice piece and worth the appreciation 👍😊

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      2. And it was a great poem 😊brilliant to be inspired by one word to write a whole poem 👍
        Thank you for the kind appreciation, so kind and supportive 🙏🏻😊❤️

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  2. Hi dear priya! Good afternoon to you!
    Your comments about me are a big compliment to me.I too love to communicate with a frank,honest and straightforward and great soul like you.The person marries you will be luckiest person in the world.
    Hug and love to you priya!

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    1. Hey! Good afternoon!
      I can’t seem to thank you enough for your words. Still thank you for being a consistent reader of my blog and I hope to see your participation in future posts too! I too am delighted to be a part of your website and awaiting to read to your future posts. Thanks once again.

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    2. Thanks for reading my post.I fully agree with you! I think you have experienced it! you always think three steps ahead and i love it Priya!

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  3. “Love is leaving…like a fool I’m blankly standing here….’
    The silence of that moment was tangible in your writing, I hope you have more comfort now,
    Thank you for you comment on my blog, I appreciate it.


  4. After death comes Life, after death comes light, a flame to be rekindled now dwindles behind the eyes that do not see…. and the darkest the smoke, the purest the vision that will come afterwards, when the spring blooms again. This parting was necessary for love to bloom in all its colours and depth and tenderness

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  5. Hello there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where
    I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform
    as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!


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