Six Words Story #10

42 thoughts on “Six Words Story #10

      1. Would be amazing hearing the mind of an introvert,the one whose opinion never counts;Till they open up and you end up closing down just to hear a flow of unimaginable energy and knowledge….Their thoughts and views….

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      2. That is amazing.You should go all out on it cuz the only true beauty in any human lies within the fire that burns deep inside them.It only takes a real keen eye to evoke or even fathom it.

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      3. Am also honoured,started mine in December and I feel like every new post is a step in this journey.Always trying to be a better version of Yesterday.

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      4. Awesome too mate.Haha that sounds Scottish/British.We sure are going to learn a lot from each other now that we both on different spheres of Mother Earth.


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