A Glimpse Of My World

Hello beautiful souls. I am Priya, a 15 year old teenage girl, ambiguous to infinite theories. Everybody in this world is either an astrologer for themselves and thinks about his/her bright future and fruitful outcomes or is busy building castles in the air, recalling the sweetest memories they have treasured. But I believe that present is truth. One is the time that has already slipped away from your hands and can never be regained and the other hasn’t arrived. Thence, it is only your present actions that will determine your future.

There is no substitute to hardwork and struggles. Determination and consistency works wonders if you are sincere enough with your task. Diligence is the mother of fortune and life’s too short to cheat yourself, right?

To everyone reading this, get your head down and enjoy your life to the fullest! It will surely pay back to you in the most amazing and miraculous manner which will be beyond your imagination!

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