Love is like playing with fire When I see you, my heart gets hot Because rather than fear My attraction to you is deeper I can’t stop this trembling Look at me, look at me now You are burning me up like this I can’t turn it off I’ve already come too far None of […]

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I Hope Not

For you, I’m okay with being hurt Since I only gave you pain During the time we were together But you, the love you want You need someone better and be happy But I hope not to the point where you forget me.

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Rusted fragments of fingernails Fall from my lips The bitterness remains on my tongue Wrenches open the wound Now pour those celluloid dreams into me A tattoo of a four-letter word on my healing scar In the slipping rhythm A melody dances raggedly It plays on, not noticing The buttons are unbuttoned wrong Dance covered […]

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I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand  I dream of fire Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire And in the flames Her shadows play in the shape of a man’s desire  […]

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