No denying this fact, I know you’re a liar So sincere am I, I always let you kindle my fire Don’t let me down, keep me in trouble Born to be wild, out in the jungle Absorbed in exquisite, hooked up in your scent My mind is getting dizzy, heart has experienced your dent

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Deeper, deeper, the wound just gets deeper Like pieces of broken glass that I can’t reverse Deeper, deeper, this heart just hurts deeper You were punished in my stead You were only delicate and fragile Deeper, deeper, the pain just gets deeper Even if I try to hide or conceal It cannot be erased You’ve […]

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Can I Kick It?

Your hollowness might take me away Grab my neck and drag it today I’ll jump over the wall that is ‘you’ I’m going to cause a scene so like you do Shatter and destroy the world called ‘you’ Can I kick it? Because understanding me is beyond your wit

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Love is like playing with fire When I see you, my heart gets hot Because rather than fear My attraction to you is deeper I can’t stop this trembling Look at me, look at me now You are burning me up like this I can’t turn it off I’ve already come too far None of […]

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I Hope Not

For you, I’m okay with being hurt Since I only gave you pain During the time we were together But you, the love you want You need someone better and be happy But I hope not to the point where you forget me.

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Rusted fragments of fingernails Fall from my lips The bitterness remains on my tongue Wrenches open the wound Now pour those celluloid dreams into me A tattoo of a four-letter word on my healing scar In the slipping rhythm A melody dances raggedly It plays on, not noticing The buttons are unbuttoned wrong Dance covered […]

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