The Shattered Within

It lies beautifully upon the ceramic holder Then stands seductively upon the shelf Just like a folder, full of lies upon the counter This beautiful glass tumbler proudly stands by itself The lady outlining an hourglass  Is no different than the glass tumbler They are two halves that make a whole With her long silhouette […]

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Knowing someone is like listening to music What attracts me to them is their melody Connecting with someone is like understanding the lyrics And the memories I create with them has its own soundtrack

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There’s drink in your glass, you’re drinking it fast I’m watching you dance, you’re watching my hands Throw it back babe, give it to me don’t hold back babe If your friends could see you right now, I bet they’d wanna be you right now Your body’s taking over you, your body’s talking over you […]

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I’m creeping in your heart I’ll steal you and indulge into you I was born your antimony Yet a part of your existence Put away your fearful worries Enjoy the pain you’re enduring I’m engraved in your heart I’ll live forever, even when I die

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We’ve gone too far to restore the dead us So dreadful is this propane Drawing my blood like red wine Which choked you to expiry This story is a nightmare

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No denying this fact, I know you’re a liar So sincere am I, I always let you kindle my fire Don’t let me down, keep me in trouble Born to be wild, out in the jungle Absorbed in exquisite, hooked up in your scent My mind is getting dizzy, heart has experienced your dent

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A Special One

The story behind the following poem : I have written this poem for a dear friend of mine whom I met last October in a camp. We did not talk during the whole seven day camp, but became intimate friends after the camp by means of messages and mail. But somehow we lost contact in […]

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Deeper, deeper, the wound just gets deeper Like pieces of broken glass that I can’t reverse Deeper, deeper, this heart just hurts deeper You were punished in my stead You were only delicate and fragile Deeper, deeper, the pain just gets deeper Even if I try to hide or conceal It cannot be erased You’ve […]

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If you really, really love me, tell me That you can’t survive a day without me That you want me so much that you obsess over me If you really, really want me, tell me That your eyes don’t wander for a second That you’re different from all others Sometimes I want a lie that’s […]

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