A Special One

The story behind the following poem : I have written this poem for a dear friend of mine whom I met last October in a camp. We did not talk during the whole seven day camp, but became intimate friends after the camp by means of messages and mail. But somehow we lost contact in February and we have not talked since then. This is a poem recalling my first impression of my ‘friend’ and all the thoughts I had about the same during the unforgettable camp.

It was the first day of the camp
When I casted an appraising look at you
I could sense a thousand million amp
Though you were engrossed with your crew

I showed you to the staff room
For some inconvenience you faced
Ashamed I was of the awkward silence
And how dumbfound had I gazed

Everything took a swift turn
On the very last day
Your magnetic eyes had mine yearned
With a forlorn thought ‘just slay’

Sorry if I had erred or committed a crime
By reaching out to you first
But after hesitating for the hundredth time
I just couldn’t avert

With a hope to see you again one day
For you are immeasurable miles away
The circuit will enliven, cheer and vote
For you, the future of an F1 GOAT*

*F1 GOAT- Formula 1 Greatest Of All Times

33 thoughts on “A Special One

  1. I once travelled somewhere and met a friend in the skating rink? Anyways, after talking for a while and role playing, I accidently bumped her head. It was very very very awkward. Fast forward, I think I saw her in one of the websites, and when she found out who I am, she disappeared. It was nice that she approached me and we had fun though โ˜บ

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    1. That is one of a experience. I too was glad that my friend stayed in touch for a while. I do now look back upon those memorable times with a sigh and I know you do to. So happy to hear that you both got together again after the earlier meet. Though they aren’t a part of our life anymore, we should be grateful that were there for the temporary period.โ˜บ

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  2. This is the most clear cut definition one can be given through the privilege of sight of what talent really is… you have it all. Amazing.

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  3. Aww, I think it is relatable for us all! When we went camping Iโ€™d make friends in the last day. Then I wouldnโ€™t be able to contact them because we were phoneless kids ๐Ÿ˜‚

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