I dream of rain

I dream of gardens in the desert sand

I wake in vain

I dream of love as time runs through my hand 

I dream of fire

Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire

And in the flames

Her shadows play in the shape of a man’s desire 

This desert rose

Each of her veils, a secret promise

This desert flower

No sweet perfume ever tortured my squamous

And as she turns

This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams

This fire burns

I realize that nothing’s as it seems 

I dream of dream

I lift my gaze to empty skies above

I close my eyes

This rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of her love 

28 thoughts on “Deserted

  1. Her love,

    Was it real

    Or just a facade

    Could I feel it

    Or even hold onto it

    Or just like the sand through my feet in the desert dunes

    Her love creased the palms of mine

    And went right through as it does the hour glass

    This love of her’s was it real

    Or did it remain seated in my dreams

    This love of her’s I so desired…

    This love that visited in my dreams….


      1. When we focus so much on the negatives we actually miss the little beauty;

        See:what if the timing is just right and you are too scared to see it,too scared to grasp it,too scared to get into it?what if it is the perfect timing to just live in it and not enjoy?

        What if Tomorrow is not guaranteed and you are too scared to live Today?

        What if this moment is the only promise you have?


      2. I’ve mastered pessimism in such matters. I no more have the courage to trust anyone with my heart. It has suffered enough.
        You’re very optimistic to have found the good in everything, the positive side of the coin always. You’re a grace, seriously a grace.


      3. Your world is a familiar one…I know hurt but still I know the beauty of genuine hearts,so tell me my dear Teacher Zealous,how many times am I going to look over at my past hurts and in so doing overlook my present joys…Go on and tell me…can we ever achieve happiness / ultimate joy?


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