Six Words Story #33

70 thoughts on “Six Words Story #33

  1. Tell me how do I put it back together into one piece unless side by side we play a game of scrabble or chess;scrabble is better though because eventually all the pieces sketch up together to fill the board with different patterns joined up into a work of art,…Chess on the other hand leaves only one king standing,and what is a king with one queen and an empty kingdom???


      1. Insignificance is what makes you significant…the beauty lies in the unsaid words,unnoticed little actions,unheard voices,unnoticed gestures …all in the inconsequential yet very pronounced little musings


      2. My heart did recognise it. It’s blessed to have known yours, to connect with yours, to engage with yours, to communicate with yours, to know yours and most importantly, feel yours.


      3. Ooooooh goodness!!! THAT SOUNDED SO SINCERE I COULDN’T CONTAIN IT.See the beauty in honesty?It fills up even an empty heart and heals a broken torn and tattered one…You are the strength of my weak.


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