Six Words Story #23

87 thoughts on “Six Words Story #23

  1. In such few words, I can visualize this… someone in a pool, or ocean, of their infatuation for someone and just slowly melting away into nothing and not caring because it just feels right. Love this, Priya!

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      1. My day is great Zealous Priya.Thanks for asking.Enjoy your afternoon,may bad,forgot you are in India 🤔🤔

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      2. Hahahahah totally true.Am from Nairobi,Kenya…A small country in Africa.Hahahahahah.What of you Ms.Zealous Teacher?

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      3. Hahahahah now I have the first Indian teacher,beautiful.Am in love with blogging and these interactions all of a sudden.See how blessed teacher Zealous?

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      4. In my experience, both hurt the same. Infatuation often feels exactly like love, it’s only later that you realise it isn’t.

        But I guess the wounds true love inflicts are much deeper than the ones infatuation do.

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      5. Hahahahahahha imagine a little boy suddenly in love with this little girl.The confusion is amazing!


      6. Hahahahahah those butterflies take me back to my earlier lower school years.I spot this very attractive girl called Ruth,very fair skin and flowing hair,she is seated right across the pavement from our classroom door.I can’t even tell her a word but deep inside I wish I could go sit next to her and touch her beautiful flowing hair….Still I know if I did she would scream at me…Hahahahaha do I need to go on?

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      7. Awww, that’s so sweet of you! You should’ve done it. But look, I’m not the right person to say this cause I myself am a big coward in such matters. So I guess we are on the same page. Hahaha. But your description is really nice. I can imagine it clearly!


      8. Hahahahahahah I know what it means to be a coward when it comes to crushes,love at first sights and infatuations…Welcome the butterflies.

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      1. Hahahahahah thanks for noting that.Am right here,ain’t gone nowhere,hope you won’t lose your bearing on your way to me.

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      2. You just made me feel like the best student ever.Best student award goes to student PePa.


      1. I seriously am unable to comment. Maybe check your spams. I’ll say it here.
        “No matter if the tide turns against you, you shall stride forward.
        Wonderful and inspiring, Neha!❤”
        I hope you’ll get this😂


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