Six Words Story #13

48 thoughts on “Six Words Story #13

      1. Hey! All the best for you exams!
        And, your jabbering will always be welcomed on my blog! Feel free to stop by whenever you find time! (the emojis on my device are not working so, assume the smiley face to be here!)

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      2. Aww…My pleasure!
        Oh god! I don’t know if Bharath is reading this or not…but need to say that you have successfully figured-out the spirit behind our conversations! *not offended at all* *lol*

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      3. Yeah! I know…the spirit is literally quite evident…almost overflowing in our comments! Glad that our conversation could entertain you…but…. since I am at it, I might just clarify that it’s not all on me and entirely on him! He loves to annoy his readers! *so glad to be able to roast Bharath in someone else’s comment section*


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