Six Words Story #6

70 thoughts on “Six Words Story #6

      1. Even I can’t judge or commit to someone very easily. I’ve to get to know that person first. But the times I do get too attached to someone, I’m so determined and sincere, that I could seriously unite hell and heaven for them!
        Its alright girl, you can share stuff with me, I’ll try to give the most unbiased advice that I can.

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      2. Thanks for the support dear..I haven’t tried on a lot stuff though. Committed someone but he decided to let go.. That’s why I said I deserved Happiness so I left..
        Everytime person can’t hurt me if its not mistake, right?
        So no more trying for time being..
        Thanks for your support

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      3. Oh girl. We’re on a very similar note.
        Though I haven’t told that boy, I know he’s better off with someone else. I don’t want to ruin whatever we share now (which I think is nothing anyways). So no spilling beans!

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      4. Hey Priya.. That’s such a beautiful name.. I’ve always loved that name.. Especially when you write it in Hindi.. It looks so gorgeous..!

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      5. Aww, thank you so much! Never heard someone say that it looks gorgeous when written in hindi!❤😊
        But the only problem is that I can never have a social media account just with my name, cause there are already so many of them!😂😂

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