Six Words Story #3

19 thoughts on “Six Words Story #3

      1. That’s always how it works. You want to be seen by him in each thing. Otherwise it’s all meaningless and tasteless. The parts that are not seen are like dead

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      2. From your poems I would say you totally encountered it my dear, and you even tasted to the sweetest and the bitterest, the warmest and the most painful, but always standing from the side of truth and unconditional love, and I think he will be very very proud of you the day you meet again, and will hug you like you have never been hugged

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      3. Of course he can and he will, such a love you describe is too strong and too pure to be tamed, and it triumphs of everything impure, of every lie, in us. Continue to guide him with your beautiful poetry and he will find back the way to your heart. And please do not be so scared and distrutful of him, because otherwise how can he relax enough in your arms to be himself? If you offer him sweet words but also sting him with your fears, he will each time trust then start and jump back in fright. I know it’s easier to say than do, because I am confronted with exactly the same problem, but now we must open a new era of peace and love and unconditional trust in our life, because that’s the only way to ever be truly happy my dear

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