Love In Love In Love – This Love (Guest Post)

Hello beautiful souls!

I wrote a guest post on lifesfinewhine, titled ” Love in Love in Love – This Love ” which has been published today.

Hope you have a great time reading and let me know your thoughts on it!

35 thoughts on “Love In Love In Love – This Love (Guest Post)

  1. I read this before replying back to your comment on mine and I just wanted to say this is absolutely beautiful! So heartfelt, my friend! That feeling of holding on because a love so strong is pushing you forward… just touching. 💕

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    1. Thank you so much for giving it time. Love indeed is something for which you never ask for in return. You mark your spot by giving someone your all before they even realise it. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will visit in the future too!💕

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      1. It was a pleasure reading your work today and I will most certainly be reading more of you and looking out for your posts, my friend. They are heartfelt and lift the spirits and I’m a fan of anything that touches the soul.

        Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog as well. I really enjoyed talking to you and I hope you have a beautiful day/night! 💕

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      2. Hey Manessah!
        I’m glad you stopped by my blog. Thank you so much for your support and invigorating words. I too really enjoyed reading your blogs and am waiting for more. I’m very excited to listen to your music that you’re working on now! Can’t wait to jam to them very soon! I’m sure the audience will love it too. Wishing you all the happiness and love.💕

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      3. You are so sweet, Priya! Thank you for your kind words! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, my dear friend! xx ☺️💕

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      4. It’s good to hear from you, Priya! Yes, my real name is Brandi. Feel free to call me B or Manessah, or Brandi. Lol. I’ll still answer you! 😁

        Thank you for the kind weekend wishes! You have a wonderful time, my friend! xx ☺️💕


    1. Hey! I nominate you to write answers to some very interesting questions. I’m very sure you’ll have immense fun answering them just like I did!
      Please leave a comment on the above linked post stating the link to your answers post if you acknowledge it so that I don’t miss it! Have a great time answering! Hope to be hearing from you soon!


      1. Okay let me help you.
        You make a post on your blog titled Answering 30 amazing questions. In the post, thank the person who nominated you. Then copy the questions that are there on my post and write your own answers. Nominate the people whose answers you want to read or leave the nomination open. Then, send me the link of that post on my post that I have linked.

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      2. My dear friend, please don’t misunderstood me, I’m very new on blogging so I don’t have that much idea…. But I’m learning. Please give me some time, when I’ll gather so many knowledges I’ll definitely do this…. Please don’t mind my friend 🙏💕

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      3. Omg my beautiful friend. Thanks a lot… I’m sure I won’t have any problem now.. I’ll let you know how this works… Thanks a lot for everything my dear. God bless you my dear friend 😊😇🙏

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